Mr. Flaks Lettering Seminar at the All American Tattoo Convention Fayetteville NCFlaks changed the game big time on this one and decided to bring the whole crew for this seminar! If you miss this and your trying to up your skills in Lettering and script your missing out! These three are some of the best in world! A collaboration with these three laying down knowledge of a lifetime is something you don’t want to miss. First come first serve, no holds.

And then Flaks tells us @sirtwice from Chi was coming and we were like whaaat, then he is like and I’m bringing my boy @tattoo_huero from Cali and we were like whaaaaaaaat.

But seriously though, three of the best script artists, showing you how they do it for 3+ hours on Sunday April 15th at 12pm. If you are an artist you cannot miss this!