Amazing Artists

Just some of the amazing artists that attended AATC in 2018!

Chop & Pam

Chop Shop Tattoos, Hope Mills NC

Veteran Tattoo Artist

Joey Tattoo

Bella Arte, Fairfield NJ

From Spike TV’s Tattoo Rescue

Madion Loftis

Tried & True, Greensboro NC

Inkmaster Season 3

Kristel Oreto

Traveling Artist, Philadelphia PA

Tattooing Superstar


Champion Tattooing, Bronx NY

Tattoo Nightmares, Spike TV

Myke Chambers

Seven Swords Tattoo Company

Ashley Velazquez

Forever Custom Tattoos

Ink Master Season 7

    Mr. Flaks

      Daniel Silva

      Ink Master Season 10

      Mike Davis

      Steel Creations, Michigan Center MI


      Tried & True Tattoo, Greensboro NC


      Josh Payne

      Ink Master Season 10

      Deanna Smith

      Ink Master Season 10

      Ink Master Angels

      Roly T-Rex

      Ink Master Season 10

      The Divine Canvas

      Fame Montalvo

      Ink Master Season 10

      Eminence Ink





      Home of the Free, Because of the Brave

      Top Tattoo Talent Meets Our Nations Heros

      Why We Are Doing It.

      We love being in Fayetteville, close to the largest military base in the free world. 80% of the tattoo clientele in the area are active duty or veterans. We want to give back more than just with our art.

      For this reason, we are raising money to help soldiers with PTSD and other combat-related injuries. Help us by coming out to our event and letting them know how much you appreciate their sacrifice.

      This is just not a Military event, everyone is invited! Tickets go on sale July 4th 2018!

      Amazing Artist Seminars

      A detailed list of seminars will be posted once they have been ironed out. We will also update our social media accounts as soon as the listings are updated on the website.

      Thank You

      AATC Team


      If you are a veteran artist your booth is FREE. Limited spots available, so signup ASAP. Limited double booths also available.

      Our 2018 Sponsors

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      • The Crown Complex Expo Center
      • (910) 850-2566
      • 12:00-11:00