THe Impact Project is a Seminar for shop owners and tattooers that teaches the importance of marketing, promotions and shop management, at the All American Tattoo Convention Fayetteville NCIn this studio management seminar, Melissa Ferranto, tattooer and owner of Elite Tattoo Gallery and The Impact Project Conference, will discuss various approaches to managing your team at the highest level. She’ll be covering primarily leadership, team building, and engagement in this bite-sized version of her 6-hour studio management seminar presented at The Impact Project. This seminar is for managers, shop owners, or tattooers aspiring to open a studio in the future. Whether you’re new to studio management or have many years in the game, you’ll be sure to take away something positive from this talk. This seminar includes emailed reference material and a special offer to The Impact Project’s 2018 Conference.

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The Impact Project 
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